What is a good game to play at sleepovers?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a good game to play at sleepovers is something you and your fiend both enjoy doing.

if you are girly girls you could do something like glad makeovers, it can't be loads of fun.

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Q: What is a good game to play at sleepovers?
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What can you do when your 9?

Have sleepovers,play makeover,and play games

What are good games to play at sleepovers?

M*A*S*H, lemons, and a game where u write peoples names on pieces of paper and then pull them out of a hat and imitate that person so the other person or people can guess who it is

What is a good movie to play at sleepovers?

Depends on the ages. Avatar and Alice In Wonderland are the best. Avatar The Last Airbender (LOve it.!!) I heard Easy A and Tangle are good.

What does a girl good?

shopping, sleepovers, making out, etc.

What is a good game to play on Friday?

A good game to play on Friday is if you have pets, play with your pets

What are good films for sleepovers?

if you want to pick a film for a sleepover,take a vote between you and your friends. a romance comedy (rom com) is a good one for sleepovers. Enjoy your night. xx

Are sleepovers good for children?

sleepovers is every good thing for children. children get more sociable and learn to be independent. so always let your children have a sleepover. It is fun for them. So yes

What is a good video game you can play?

play on a game boy

What do teens do on sleepovers?

on sleepovers you can do almost anything you want to do and are allowed to do.Teenage Girl: usually they like to watch movies (chick flicks, horror, comedy) while munching on some snacks such as chips & lollies.Pillow fights is a good game to play, although to some girls its a bit childish.You can also play a board game or cards.Teenage Boy: A lot of teenage boy's love to play games, so just put them in front of a Nintendo wii, xbox360 or computer and they should probably play it.Movies (horror, action) pigging out on pizza, chips, burgers, almost every type of junk food.board games and cards.

What are good girly films for sleepovers?

romance films are always the best

What is a girly game?

truth or dare, sleepovers, fashion show, singing/dancing competition!! :)

Do gay boys have sleepovers?

People can have sleepovers regardless of their sexuality.