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there are many games you can play without a computer, such as jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles and Board Games. You can also go do something active like playing sports and doing exercise or just hiking around to see what's out there.

But here are some sites you might try: - for young kids - really old - really good - for young kids - flash games, lots of them for free

Try your app store for iPad or phone and see what sort of free games they have, too!

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Q: What is a fun game to play when you are bored?
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What is a game like proptropica?

it is a fun free game that kids can play when they get bored!!!!

What is a fun free online multiplayer game to play when you are bored?

There are many fun browser based games online, but my personal favorite is Quake Live. It is kind of like Halo except no need to purchase an Xbox 360 or the 50$ game. Very easy and fun.

Why do we play games?

we play games just to have fun

Is Pokemon SNAP a fun game?

I guess but everyone has their own opinion. It is not the game of the century but its still a funny game where you take pictures of many wild pokemon. I will not tell you to buy the game but if you can play it a bit, u'll have fun (but you can be bored after some times..)

Is realm of the mad god crap?

It is indeed a fun game but most people quit if they get too good and the game, people also quit if they get too bored to build their accounts. But if they take time and play, it gets really fun and makes you wanna get better and better.

Is woozworld fun to play?

Yes, it is the best online virtual game and I do mean the : BEST! I have been playing it for the past 3 years =) I never get bored.

What are some fun texting games?

text fight is always fun to play 20 q if you rlly are a bored person and enjoy to be bored so yeah!~

Tell me some online games websites that are fun to play when you are bored?


What are fun websites for?

Fun websites are too entertain kids when they get bored or don't want to go outside and play.

What should you do at a baseball game when you are bored?

well if you are really bored, this is something you could do... choose one of the players in the game, and count how many steps he takes during the course of the game! have fun :')

What is the website that kids always play animal jam? is a fun game that people from 6-100 years old can play. It is like Club Penguin, but you can have almost any basic animal. You just trade, role play, and party in the game. It is actually quite fun because there are mini games that can pass by some time if you are bored.

What is an awesome game girls can play when they're bored?