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dam in a river

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Q: What is a four letter word for river dam?
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3 letter word for river barrier?

That would be dam.

What is a four letter word for LOW DAM?

Berm . It's an earthen dam, like a low levee.

How many dams in Pakistan and where they are situated?

Akhori Dam Donhngi Dam Ghazi Barotha Dam Gomal Dam Gomal Zam Dam Hub Dam Kalabagh Dam Karoonjhar Dam Khanpur Dam Mangla Dam Mirani Dam Shakidor Dam Simly Dam Tarbela Dam

What river does Auburn dam dam?

on which river tehari dam

Is there a dam on Jordan River in Jordan?

The word "Jordan" means "the river that rushes down." And between Mount Hermon and the sea of Galilee that's exactly what it does! The Jordan River in Israel has no dam as there is not enough water that flows through it to turn enough turbines to make the enterprise worth doing. There is a dam on the Jordan River in British Columbia, Canada (which is an entirely different river). That dam is called the Jordan River Diversion Dam.

Why does Amsterdam end with dam?

The name Amsterdam comes from the word Amstelredamme which was the original name of the city. It means a dam on the river Amstel.

What river feeds into Hoover dam?

The river that feeds into Hoover Dam is the Colorado river.

How does a dam influence a river?

It controls the river flow below the dam.

What is a five letter word for lake Nasser dam?


How many river deltas are there in the world?

Nile River and Delta. From north to south the delta is approximately 160 km in length. From west to east it covers some 240 km of coastline.

The Aswan Dam is on what river?

it's on the River Nile in Egypt

Indira sagar dam is situated on which river-?

Narmada River is where the Indira Sagar dam is located. This dam was made by Indira Gandhi.