What is a flooded crater?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A crater that is formed when there is an impact (usually by an asteroid) that forms cracks. The cracks are then filled by lava.

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Q: What is a flooded crater?
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Is the Plato crater a basin or ringed crater or is it a flooded crater?

Plato is a "flooded" crater that filled with lava after it was created by an impact. A large one. It's floor is relatively flat and largely unscarred (save for a few small craters). A link can be found below for more information.

Is the Copernicus Crater a Volcanic crater?

No. Copernicus crater is an impact crater.

What is mount Etna's crater dimensions?

At the summit there are four craters: the Northeast Crater, Bucca Nuova Crater, Southeast Crater and Varagine Crater.

What is the Moon's largest crater?

The cheese crater. The cheese crater is the cheeseiest crater in all of cheese land.

What largest crater has a lake above it?

crater lake crater lake

Steep walled depression around volcano vent?

Volcanic crater.

What is a crater volcano?

a crater volcano is...

What is a sentence for crater?

There is a crater on the moon.

What is A bowl shaped hole on the surface of a planet or moon that was caused by the impact of meteorite?

This is known as an impact crater. Please see the related link.

What is crater density?

the crater dentsity is not that much

How did crater of diamonds get its name?

Crater of Diamonds is an ancient volcanic crater that contains diamonds in its rocks.

Where is sunset crater located?

Sunset Crater is located in Arizona.