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jesus or (more commonly in crossword puzzles) abbot

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2014-05-11 19:54:51
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Q: What is a five letter word for holy man?
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What is the 2 letter french word for holy man?

St. (an abbreviation of Saint)

What is a Holy man beginning with a 5 letters?

An Abbot is a holy man beginning with "a" and having five letters.

What is a five letter word ending in A meaning first Babylonian man?

The word you are looking for is Adapa.It's five letters, ending in A.Adapa is a Babylonian demigod who was believed by the Babylonians to be the first man on Earth.

Which five letter word can be placed in front of each of these words to make new words -----runner -----age -----line -----rank -----man?

A five letter word that will make compound words from that list is FRONT.

What is the thing that men does it everyday but women does it once in lifetime-?

The full riddle is this: Its brighter than the day, darker than the night. If you eat it its haram, if you drink it its halal. A woman uses it once in her life, a man three times a day. Its mentioned in the Holy Quran five times. The word starts with the letter "M" and is a five letter word, the answer may be Mecca.

What is a word for a Muslim holy man?


What five letter word can go before the words base chair house man and work?


What 5-letter word starts with an 'e' and ends with an 's'?

Ethos is a five-letter word that starts with an 'e' and ends with an 's.'

Is holy a noun?

No, the word 'holy' is an adjective; a word that describes a noun as set apart to the service of God or a god, or purpose (a holy man); complete and utter (a holy terror).

How man syllables dos he word acommodation have?


What is a 3 letter word for a chess piece?


What is a five letter word ending in H meaning trench for drainage?

One word that fits this definition is ditch.

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