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Q: What is a continued blockade in 5 letters?
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What is a 5 letter word for a continued blockade?

The word you are looking for is siege. It is a blockade that is ongoing.

What is another word for continued blockade?

another word for 'continued blockade' is forever or never ending

What were obstacles for the berlin airlift of 1948?

The Berlin Blockade (Airlift) lasted from June 1948 till May 1949. After the end of the blockade the allies continued to airlift essentials into West Berlin to order to have a stockpile, just in case the blockade was renewed (which didn't happen).

How many confederate ships made it through the blockade in 1861?

5 out of 6 blockade runners were successful

What is an anagram for continued?

The anagram for the word "continued" is "unnoticed." The two words are spelled from the same set of letters. There are other phrases that use the same letters, such as "counted in" and "nice donut."

What is the answer to this number sequence 56565576?

first -- 5 letters second -- 6 letters third -- 5 letters fourth -- 6 letters fifth -- 5 letters sixth -- 5 letters seventh -- 7 letters eighth -- 6 letters So the nest number would be 5, because there are 5 letters in ninth.

How many confederate ships made it through the blockade in 1865?


How many people died during the blockade at Boston harbor?


How do you use the word blockade in a sentence?

they put up a Blockade. The blockade stopped us from getting in.

What big cats have 5 letters?

Tiger has 5 letters.

Were the Germans allowed to negotiate at the Treaty of Versailles?

The truth is that they weren't, they either had to sign the treaty or suffer the consequences of a continued allied blockade. Germany was made vulnerable and had to "surrender".

What has 4 letters never has 5 letters but sometimes has 7 letters?

What = 4 letters Never = 5 letters Sometimes = 9 letters I think the joke is you can't count.