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It makes you look young.Young is the compliment.

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Q: What is a complement that starts with y?
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What is a complement word that starts with y?


How do you find the complement and supplement of angle y?

90 -y = complement 180 - y = supplement

If y equals 53 degrees what is the complement of y?

The complement of an angle is the degree which makes the angle add up to 90 degrees. Therefore: complement of y= 90-53 = 37.

What is a complement that starts with an n?


What is the complement of Y if Y equals 8X-20 degrees?

Complementary angles add up to 90 degrees so if y = 8x-20 degrees then the complement of y is 90 - (8x - 20) = 110 - 8x degrees.

What is the measure of the angle whose complement is four ninths its supplement?

The measure of an angle whose complement is four ninths its supplement?æ is 18 degrees. It is calculated as follows: let y be the angle, its complement will be (90-y) degrees and its supplement will be (180-y)?æ degrees and?æ since it complement is?æ 4/9 its supplement; then?æ it is?æ?æ(90-y)= 4/9(180-y).?æ Hence, you will get 18 degrees when you solve the equation.

What complement starts with m?

Marvelous is a compliment. Magnificent is a compliment.

What starts with Y in Michigan?

what is from Michigan that starts with y?

The measure of Y is 15.5 degrees what is the measure of its complement in degrees?


What color is the complement of blue light?

yellow. but this is for light O N L Y . not in paint.

What Twight character starts with a y?

there is no one that starts wit a y in twilight

What compound word starts with y?

a compound word that starts with y is yourself