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It's #, *, menu, right key scroll down to err channel change it to ON.

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Q: What is a code for boost mobile reboost if you know the answer you will give you a xbox360 no lie?
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A boost mobile code?

there is not one

Can you get a boost mobile phone unlock code off the internet Or do you have to get it from the seller.?

from seller

Where do you purchase a boost mobile phone with an 804 area code?

Buy a Boost Mobile phone at any store that sells them. When you call to activate the phone, tell them you want a number in Richmond, Virginia, or some other town in area code 804. It should be that easy.

What code for xbox360 family code?


Free 14 digit pin code boost mobile minutes for i425?

7008 7642 6762 59

Can you use a Nextel SIM card in a Boost Mobile phone if its a ic502 Boost Mobile?

No, it will give an error message asking for the unlock code. Once you get that error, you screwed up the sim and it will not work in either phone again and it locks up your phone and it cannot be unlocked. Nextel does not have the unlock code, Motorola made the phones that way.

Can a boost phone work with t mobile sim card?

I want to make sure I answer this question, after talking to tmobile, because there is sites that want to charge 40 bucks for unlocking your phone and I called T-Mobile asking if they would unlock the T-Mobile phone for use with boost Mobile and they said no problem. It takes about 24 hours and they email you the unlock code with instructions on how to do it. I guess it would be worth the money if you still had a contact or something but other then that... It's free!

What is the boost code on river rapids?


What is the boost code for river rapids?


Cheat codes for tigercross boost code?


What is the special unlock code for putting a nextel sim card in the boost mobile i335?

there is no special code they just put that there so that u call in and they will tell u that the sim card is not compatible with the phone.

Can you unlock boost mobile phones to use with virgin mobile?

The answer to that question is Possibly, and No. Half of the Boost Mobile phones use IDEN radios (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network). The phones are easy to identify- they have Direct Connect (the "chirp"). These CAN NOT be used on any service but Boost Mobile, or if unlocked, Nextel (Or Telus in Canada). The other half of the Boost Mobile Phones use CDMA radios (Code Division Multiple Access), and could feasibly be unlocked to be used with Virgin Mobile. Whether Virgin Mobile would choose to allow them on the network is a whole additional answer (doubtful), but the technology technically would work.