What is a code for all sprites AR?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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DON'T USE THAT CHEAT!! trust me i used it because i got board of trying to find the harvest sprites and it gave me 100 of the 101 missing harvest sprites. i know you only need 60 to unlock the harvest goddess but by using this cheat you don't get her. sorry for the bad news :(

what happened to me but if you want to check for yourself because you never know i might work for you i got the code from:

i hope it works for you, maybe i was just unlucky. hope i helped :)

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Q: What is a code for all sprites AR?
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How do you save the goddess in harvest moon ds using the all sprites action replay?

If you only got yourself 60 sprites, then just earn yourself 1 sprite, but if you've got all 101 sprites, you probably can't get her unless you use another AR code, and I don't know if there is one.Moral of the story: Don't use Action Replay. It's cheating and is really really annoying when you're searching the internet.

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there is no such code

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there is no code for ar that i know of if there is try lokking on google

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That all depends on what the code you're entering is and whether the action replay is broken or not.

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What ar code?

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there is a code but what is it thow

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Theres not a code for that.

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Nope, sorry. There is one to get most of the sprites though (the easiest ones) but be careful, it sometimes mucks up the game. I think it rescues 61 of them, but I'm not entirely sure.

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