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this would violate the rules of runescape as autoclickers are not allowed due to it being 3rd party software

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Q: What is a auto clicker that will click in one spot and will let you move your mouse while it clickes in that spot you put it in?
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How do you place a door in Minecraft lite?

All you have to do is put your mouse where you are going to put the door.Then click the left clicker.

What is the difference between mouse click and mouse over?

Mouse click means to actually push the button on the mouse while in a position. Mouse over just means the cursor is over the area. Mouse over a link on WikiAnswers and you will get a hand rather than an arrow.

How do you do left hand on a mac?

To left hand click on a mac you can change your mouse preferences. Go to System preferences, then click 'Keyboard and Mouse'. You can then change one side of the mouse to a left click like any other Windows mouse. Also you can press control while clicking which gives you options like left click on a Windows computer does.

How can you open a link in a new tab browser window?

Right-click a link and click on Open in New Tab. If you have a mouse with that scrolling wheel, press on the wheel while the mouse is on a link.

How can you flee Pokemon in platinum while playing in emulator?

use your mouse to click flee...

How do you eat chicken on Minecraft?

Click and hold the right mouse while the chicken is in Your Hand

How do you place mushrooms down on minecraft?

Left click the mouse while holding the mushrooms.

How do you shift click?

Hold the Shift key with one hand while clicking the mouse with the other.

Why when you click the back button once do you go back two pages?

you may be unknowingly "double clicking" the mouse while on the browser back button OR your mouse is set up to perform the action of clicking the mouse button as a "double click" even though you only push (click) the actual mouse button once. check your mouse settings very carefully and correct/change the actions of how the mouse buttons perform if necessary.

How can you run on toontown without doing anything?

This only works when the game is windowed. Now, the only way is to make you're toon run without moving him/her is running while using the right clicker on you're mouse to the top window. Click the screen and don't press the up arrow. And that's how you run on toontown without doing anything. revived by=blackharvestmoon

What happens if you right click your mouse button?

Answeryes. we can do.if you want to change the function of right click as left click and left click as a right click. yes you can do . go on control panel > mouse> here you can change the property of mouse. you could make right click as a left click and left click as a right click.does the change occur within the mouse (the signal transmitted by the mouse) or does the change occur within the computer (how it reacts to the signal transmitted by the mouse)? I assume the change occurs within the computer, unless the mouse has a built in receiver and can react to instructions from the computer.

What does double-clicking mean in computer?

Double-clicking means to click a mouse button twice in succession. Usually, it is the left button that is double-clicked. A single click is often used to highlight an icon, while a double-click opens it.