What is a Sanitation Engineer?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A sanitary engineer may be either: a highly trained professional in the field of sanitary engineering or a another name for a waste collector,or a trash collector.

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Q: What is a Sanitation Engineer?
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What is another name for a garbage man?

As far as I know, the correct name for garbageman is sanitation worker. The current politically correct term for a "Garbageman" is Sanitation Engineer.

How do you become a sanitation engineer?

A person who engineers saintation

Who is a sanitation engineer?

Sanitation engineers are generally civil and environmental engineers who focus on public sanitation measures, such as getting clean water to the populace and dealing with municipal waste.

Was William Shakespeare a trash man?

He was not a trash man, he was a sanitation engineer.

Another examples of euphemism?

A short person is vertically challenged. A garbage man or woman is called a sanitation engineer.

What does a sanitation engineer do?

Clean. It is a misnomer used to describe janitors and custodians. They do not hold an engineering degree, license or certificate, typically.

Give you a sentence using the word 'refuse'?

"The supervisor wondered if the sanitation engineer would refuse to pick up the refuse."

What is a euphemism of trash collector?

Euphemisms I've heard for trash (or garbage, or rubbish) collectors include: Hygiene Operative Recycling Technician Sanitation Engineer Sanitation Officer Waste Controller Garbologist (humorous term, Australian)

What is Another word for janitor on a resume?

Some people would say "custodian," but a better way to say it would be "Sanitation Engineer"

What is occupational euphemism?

Using a long-winded term for a job, to make it politically correct. For example using "sanitation engineer" as apposed to "bin/garbage man"

What is latin word for sanitation?


What do you mean by sanitation and sanitation barrier?

Sanitation is a hygienic way of promoting health by keeping humans away from hazards brought by wastes. A sanitation barrier, on the other hand, poses a hindrance to provide sanitation to those who need them. One example of this is high cost of sanitation.