What is a Nintendo dsi?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the Nintendo DSi is the Nintendo ds. it has 2 cameras one on the back one on the front and it connects to the internet also it has bigger screens then the ds and is slimmer then the ds .it can also download apps to play when you have nothing to do and ti has an sd card slot

hope that helped bye bye

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Q: What is a Nintendo dsi?
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How much does the Nintendo DSi cost?

In America: A Nintendo DSi is $140; a DSi XL is $160. In Japan: A Nintendo DSi is ¥15,000; a DSi LL is ¥18,000. In the UK: A Nintendo DSi is £150. In Australia: A Nintendo DSi is $300.

How do you get to the Nintendo dsi shop?

tap the Nintendo dsi shop icon on the Nintendo Dsi , or Nintendo DSi XL start up screen

Will there be a Nintendo DSi 2?

The second Nintendo DSi is the DSi XL.

How do you activate Javascript on Nintendo DSI?

Javascript is automatically enabled on the Nintendo DSi. Don't confuse this with Java, which isn't supported.

How much do a Nintendo dsi?

how much do a Nintendo dsi

How to get internet on Nintendo dsi?

how do get internet on Nintendo dsi

Who make the dsi?

NINTENDO makes the DSi, but the Dsi is translated from the Japan Version

What comes with the Nintendo dsi box?

Nintendo dsi charger

When was Nintendo DSi created?

Nintendo DSi was created in 2009.

Where will you get Nintendo dsi XL in Dubai?

where will you get nintendo dsi xl

Does the Nintendo DSi charger fit the Nintendo DSi XL?

yes a dsi charger fits a dsi XL and a dsi XL fits the dsi

How do you download internet on your dsi?

You go to the Nintendo DSi shop and you can download the Nintendo DSi browser from there.