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Possibly cashmere

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Q: What is a Himalayas goat starting with c?
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What is a goat from the Himalayas?

The Kashmir is a goat from the Himalayas.

In the Himalayas a small goat starting with a 'c'?

It is a cripa hipa Person 2: Everyone, it is not a cripa hipa, this person has made this up, I have checked. It is a cashmere goat. you are wrong person 2 it is a cripa hipa or an arthritis goat I'm not sure what planet this guy's from. The usual term is TAHR. Check it out - google it!

What is a wild goat found in the Himalayas?

The Himalayan tahr is a wild goat found in the Himalayas. The goat has thick, reddish wool coats and thick undercoats to protect them from the harsh climate.

What is the 3 goat species found in Himalayas?

Bharal, goral and himalayan tahr for sure but there could be more than this.

What are you if you are a small goat from Himalayas and your wool is used for clothing and textiles?

A Himalayan goat, native to Tibet and the Lakakhi Changthang and bred for meat and for its wool, is the Changthangi goat, or pashmina.Its wool is known as Cashmere, and is referred to as Pashmina when it's woven into fabric.

A mountain name starting with h?

The one I know is/are The Humali's

What is a female goat called starting with a m or n?

A nanny.

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What is the name of a wild Asian goat starting with p?


What has the author R C Naithani written?

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What has the author C Nachiappan written?

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