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Q: What is a 8 letter word meaning hot pepper?
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What is an 8 letter word for hot pepper?

One very hot pepper that is eight letters is habanero.Another very hot pepper, also eight letters, is Jalapeno.

What word links Dog Pepper Rod?

The adjective 'hot' links them; hot dog, hot pepper, and hot rod.

What 's a 5 letter word meaning hot vapour?


Is there a 5 letter word beginning with you meaning cold?


What hot peppers begin with the letter s?

Serrano pepper

What goes in the fridge hot and comes out hot?

hot sause

What is the meaning of a chili pepper on its plant how could it make you hot?

If you eat it, it might make your mouth hot.

What is an extremely hot variety of chilli pepper beginning with the letter 'c'?

The cayenne pepper is a hot form of chili pepper. Sometimes the cayenne is called the 'chili pepper'. It is a red pepper rated at 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville units, which is a measure of hotness.

What is the 6 letter word meaning the state quality or sensation of being moderately hot?


Is a pimiento pepper a hot pepper?

Yes, a pimiento pepper is considered a hot pepper.

What stays hot even if you put it in the fridge?

Pepper. Mustard. Curry. Chillies.

How do you make a hot pepper that your going to stuff less hot?

clean the inside of the pepper, which means take the seeds and the meat of the pepper out. Then the pepper will not be as hot.