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The answer is "protest"...

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Q: What is a 7 letter word that means to take action against an unjust policy?
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What is an arrogation?

An arrogation is an unjust assumption of rights or privilege.

What 6 letter word have j as the third letter?

abject abjure adjoin adjure adjust bijous bijoux cajole cojoin deject enjoin enjoys fajita hajjes hajjis hejira hijack inject injure injury jejuna jejune jojoba jujube majors mojoes mujiks object objets pajama pujahs rajahs reject rejoin sajous sejant unjams unjust

What six letter words with first and fourth letter the same?

Hundreds of 6 letter words include the same first and fourth letter. A few of those words include babble, balboa, bamboo, barbed, barber, batboy, bedbug, blabby, bobble, bombed, bomber, booboo, bribed, bribes, bubble, bubbly, busboy, cancan, cancel, cancer, catchy, caucus, checks, chicks, circle, circus, clocks, concur, coocoo, cracks, crocus, dander, dawdle, deadly, doodle, dredge, easels, eatery, effect, elders, eldest, embers, emceed, enters, esteem, exceed, except, excess, expect, expels, expend, expert, extend, fluffy, gadget, gargle, giggle, ginger, groggy, higher, highly, hyphen, kicked, kicker, lulled, madman, madmen, murmur, nannie, oblong, octopi, onions, oppose, oriole, oxbows, oxford, pamper, people, pepper, pimple, pompom, prepay, propel, proper, pulpit, puppet, purple, ramrod, regret, roared, season, seesaw, sensor, slushy, subset, tactic, tattoo, tested, thatch, tiptoe, truths, turtle, twitch, uncuff, unduly, unhurt, unjust, unruly, upturn, valves, velvet, wigwam, and zigzag.

What is the answer to the Jumble for 6-9-12?

Daily Jumble 6/9/12He tried on the expensive pair because he thought they'd be better in the..Answer: IN THE LONG RUN (bring, tenth, mortal, unjust)And just in case your date was a typo:Daily Jumble 6/9/13Diamond cutters are always looking for this.answer: A PIECE OF THE ROCK (pouch, keyed, racial, mosque)

Words with the letter J in it or in the middle or the end?

banjo: noun: an instrument with a long neck, and five strings that are plucked or strummed. ninja: noun: a mercenary in feudal Japan, who were trained in stealth and the martial arts and employed as spies, saboteurs, or assassins. ouija: noun: a trademark for a board with letters and a pointer or planchette by which answers to questions are spelled out, supposedly by spiritual forces. project: noun: a task or planned program of work that requires a large amount of time, effort, and planning to complete. subject: noun: that is being discussed, examined, or otherwise dealt with. eject: verb: to push something out with force. reject: verb: to refuse to accept, agree to, believe in, or make use of something; to turn somebody down. inject: verb: to put fluid into the body with a syringe. injustice: noun: unfair treatment. unjust: adjective: not just or fair. injury: noun: a wound; physical damage to the body or a body part. adjoin: verb: to be next to or share a common border with something, especially an area of land. enjoy: verb: to take pleasure in something; to find something pleasing. adjective: noun: a word decribing a noun or pronoun. subjoin: verb: to add something at the end of what has already been written or said.

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What happens when a country attacks a country in an unjust manner?

these days the UN steps in takes action against the country which is guilty.

Was the white Australian policy fair?

No - it was racist and unjust

What is the meaning of anti-dicrimination?

Discrimination refers to the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. Anti-discrimination is against that policy.

What is the definition of wise minority?

-identifies unjust laws. -speaks against unjust laws. -willing to accept the consequences of his or her actions.

An action is considered racially unjust when it?

An action is considered racially unjust when it discriminates against individuals based on their race or ethnicity, reinforcing systems of oppression and inequality. This can manifest through unequal treatment, limited opportunities, or biased policies that disadvantage certain racial groups.

What is a peaceful protest against a unjust law?

civil disobediance?

Why did brown believe that his punishment to be hanged for treason was unjust?

John brown was against his hanging for treason because he believed that he was fighting against an immoral unjust and extremely inhumane institution- slavery!

What is non-violent protest against an unjust system is called?

Peaceful protest

What important statements are in the declaration of independence?

People have the right to rebel against an unjust government.

Description of the cruel or unjust word government used against King George III?


Under what circumstances can positive action be applied in sex discrimination?

Positive action can be applied in sex discrimination when there is evidence of underrepresentation or disadvantage of a particular gender in a particular area. This can help to address imbalance and promote equality by providing opportunities for the underrepresented gender. It is important that positive action is proportionate and temporary, and does not result in unjust discrimination against individuals of the other gender.

What did Zwingli preach against?

He preached against laws of fasting and abstinence and declared priestly celibacy to be nonbiblical, he also made attacks against superstition and the unjust use of power.