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Q: What is a 7 letter word that means that opposite form even?
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What 4 letter word can you putt front of to form its opposite?


What is the opposite of the medical terminology combining form Brady?

Tachy- is the opposite of brady-, so tachycardia means fast heartrate, and bradycardia means slow heartrate.

What is the medical terminology combining form meaning the opposite of intra?

Extra- is the opposite of intra-. For instance, intracellular means within the cell, and extracellelular means outside the cell.

Is Linger the opposite of require?

No. Linger means to stay or remain.There is no opposite of require meaning "to not require." The opposite of the adjective form required can be unnecessary, unneeded, or superfluous.

What is the medical terminology combining form meaning other?

Contra- means "other" as in "opposite." Hetero- means "other" as in "different."

What is the definition for controlled in science form?

Controlled (in science) means constant and not changed. The opposite of variable.

Form what is a 6 letter word that means the samething as FORM?

One such word is format.

What is precast in situ?

It means "Cast In Place". This is like when you form concrete and place it in liquid form. This is opposite of "Precast" which means that it is formed some place else and moved to its final location after it hardens.

What does nonlinear and linear mean?

Linear means anything that forms a straight line. Nonlinear means the opposite. Something that doesn't form a straight line.

What is the comparative and superlative form of opposite?

'Opposite' has no comparative or superlative form. Something is either opposite something else (or opposite to something else), or it is not.

What do angel mean?

ANGEL MEANS angelic form, opposite of devil.

What is the opposite form of 'carpe diem'?

Amitte diem is one opposite form of 'carpe diem'. Amitte occasionem is another. Either way, the meaning in English is 'Let the opportunity slip by'. In the word by word translation, the verb 'amitte' means 'let slip by'. The noun 'diem' means 'day'. The noun 'occasionem' means 'occasion, opportunity'.