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Q: What is a 7 letter word meaning something you can buy that costs less than the usual price that starts with b?
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What is another way to say start-up costs?

starts up costs

When an individual starts a new business there are?

Risks and Costs

What 7 letter word means something you buy that costs less than the usual price?

your very own piece of poo

What percent discount if something costs 5.00 and then it costs 3.50?

The discount is 30%

How much does it cost to post something from Canada to the UK?

As we have family in England I can tell you that a letter costs double the current postal rate within Canada.

An expression that has a meaning different from the meaning of its individual words?

An idiom is an expression that has a meaning different from what it literally says. For example, one can say that something expensive costs an arm and a leg, although clearly the point made is different from what the individual words mean.

What is the meaning of for price?

Free on Road!

What do you have to earn to buy something that costs 9000?

Usually, to buy something that costs about 9000 dollars, you have to make 9000 dollars. Hope this helps!

Can you name an item that costs more than 100 dollars that starts with k?

A Kia automobile costs a lot more than that.

How many stamps are needed to send a letter from the US to Canada?

It costs $.75 to mail a letter but if you wish to mail a letter in an envolope with a small package in it, it costs $1.00.

How much does a stamp cost from Ireland to England?

For a standard letter it is €0.82 although if you want to send something larger the costs would of course increase.

What is the meaning of gross?

That is the total sum, before expenses or costs.

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