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Q: What is a 7 letter word for reprimand?
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Are there any 7 letter words for reprimand?

Lecture or censure.

Nine letter word starting with r using these letters rdrineapm?

Those letters will spell reprimand.

What is worse letter of reprimand or letter of admonishment?

In the Air Force, a Letter of Reprimand is more severe and has a greater (although negative) impact on the military member and their career. A letter of admonishment is a harsher action than a letter of counseling, but still less severe than a letter of reprimand.

What are some synonyms for the word 'reprimand'?

Basically the definition of reprimand is to orally punish someone. Some examples of the word reprimand would be admonishment, going over, grooming or scolding.

What is another word for chastise?


What is a 7 letter word for mollusk?

The word Mollusk is a 7 letter word.

What is a 9 letter for criticise sharply?

castigate disparage reprimand

What is the definition of the word admonish?

The word admonish means to firmly warn or reprimand someone or to urge or advise someone earnestly. Some synonyms for the word admonish are caution, advise, warn and reprimand.

How do you make a sentence with the word reprimand?

I can give you several sentences.Don't reprimand Jimmy; he's late because my car broke down.If you keep ignoring your work, you will get an official reprimand.Mom will reprimand you, and then Dad will send you to your room.Only someone who is petty will reprimand others for simple misconceptions.

What is another word for formal disapproval?

A formal disapproval is a reprimand.

Which word is colloquial -scold or reprimand?

"Scold" is more colloquial than "reprimand." "Scold" is commonly used in everyday conversation to criticize or reprove someone informally, while "reprimand" is more formal and typically used in professional or official settings.

What is big nate's 7 letter word on poptropica?

The 7 letter word is "Capsule"