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Q: What is a 7 letter word for a spice made from peppers?
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What letter in the word finger is changed to the word which means spice?

The letter f can be changed to g to form the word ginger.

What was the the tasty product of the orient?

If it is a five letter word - the answer is spice.

What does spicy mean in cooking?

Spicy means a food has been flavored with spice. The word spicy is often used in referral to the amount of heat in a dish, such as chile peppers.

What 4 letter word has made in it?

made is a 4 letter word. -.-" I don't mean to sound rude, but, made is a four letter word and the only four letter word with the four letter word 'MADE' in it is made.

What is a palindrome for black or red spice?

me 😈

How do you spell cineamen?

The likely word is cinnamon, a spice made from the dried bark of certain trees.

What is a sentence where every word begging with the same letter called?

An alliteration is when the first letter or sound of each word is the same in a sentence. Example:Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

Is ginseng a common generic word?

The word ginseng is a noun, a common noun; a word for a plant and the spice it produces, a thing.The word ginseng is not a generic word; the words plant and spice are generic nouns for any kind of plant or spice. The word ginseng is a specific type of plant and spice.

What is a five letter word made from the word uplift?

Tulip is a 5 letter word. It can be made from the letters in the word uplift.

I am a 5 letter word I'm hot. if you remove 2 letters from me then I'm cold. if you remove 1 more letter from me then i can warm up a bit. what am i?


What seven letter word can be made from technology?

seven letter word that can be made from the word technology: cologne. ecology. neology.

Name an expression that has the word spice in it?

Family Feud 1 spice it up 2 spice up your life 3 spice of life 4 spice girls 5 old spice 6 give it some spice