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Q: What is a 6 letter word meaning felt a strong desire for?
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What is a 7 letter word meaning felt a strong and deep desire?


Had a crush on Teresa what is the literal meaning and figurative meaning?

The literal meaning is that you felt a strong romantic attraction towards Teresa. The figurative meaning could be that she symbolizes qualities or characteristics that you admire or desire in someone else, rather than specifically Teresa herself. It could also reflect a longing for connection or intimacy.

What is a four letter word starting with a f meaning a thick woolen material?


What is the 5 letter word starting with t meaning felt hat?

That might be "trilby." Check the count.

What is a 4 letter word meaning tendril?

calm as in " i felt calm after having a warm bubble bath"

Meaning of felted?

of Felt

What is the meaning of felt need?

Felt need is the feeling of a person for industrial applications.

What was the compulsion the boy had in chapter 7 of sounder?

In Chapter 7 of "Sounder," the boy felt a strong urge to visit his father in jail, even though it was forbidden. This compulsion stemmed from his love and loyalty to his father, and his desire to be close to him during a difficult time.

What plant part rhymes with excessive desire?

seed greed What aches and pains I've felt because I dared desire; How dirty I've felt, searching for muck and all the mire. No longer innocent once you lust, when all that you desire left behind the young awkward steed looking to his sire. Whats sounds I've groaned when in the throes of desire How clean I felt, flesh against flesh, fighting fire with fire. No longer pure in my thoughts, I quiver like a bird on a wire. like a preening jaguar, like that smiling cat from Cheshire. I'm bound by desire, soul consumed by fire, all I require is satiation, derogation, abrogation, to my one desire.

Is Nathan Kress strong?

Yes he is because I have felt his muscles

What does intese mean?

great, strong, or extreme in a way that can be felt

How do soldiers feel about going to war?

they felt scaryed soem of them also felt happy because they knew they had a strong government