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Q: What is a 6 letter word for extracting minerals from the ground?
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Is mine a possesive noun?

The word mine is the objective possessive pronoun for something that belongs to me.The noun mine is an excavation in the earth for the purpose of extracting minerals; it's also a verb for the act of extracting minerals from the ground or the act of a person extracting things or information from a source.

What is a four letter word for ground?

There are many depending on the or intent of the word ground in the sentence:dirtsoillandbaseloamhidezero

What is the noun form of mine?

The noun 'mine' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for an excavation in the earth for extracting coal or other minerals (a place); a type of bomb placed on or just below the surface of the ground or in the water (a thing). The noun forms of the verb to mine are miner and the gerund, mining. The word 'mine' is also a possessive pronoun.

What is a medieval quarry?

The word quarry had several different meanings in medieval England:the dialect word quarry meant a squared tile or pane of glassquarry could be a heap of dead animals killed during a hunt, or those animals alive as the object of the chasequarry could be a squarish excavation in the ground for extracting stone, slate, clay and other minerals.

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What is a six letter word for soil?


What is another word for extracting?

bring out seperate

What is a 4 letter word for to leave the ground?

leap, rise

What is a 4 letter word for return to the ground?

Land or bury

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