What is a 508 client server?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It's a moparscape server that has the new runescape graphics, but it's the old version without the new items (EXAMPLE: Dragon Claws) The 525 client or server is the one with the runescape graphics and dragon claws.

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Q: What is a 508 client server?
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How do you work 508 client?

You download the client and put the 508 cache in C:/ Hardrive, and run the client.

What is best 508 client?

I would say the 508 HD Client ip changer.

How do you run a 508 Moparscape Client?

first u should get java jdk then get himachi then get an ip changer or specific server urtrying to download

A client server network is also known as?

Pretty much a client server network is known as a client server network.

If internet is a client server network?

For the internet; your web browser is the client and the web server is the server.

Which program is always running in client server?

Server program is always running in client server.

What is Mail Client Server?

(Mail Client Server) e-mail client is also used to refer to any agent acting as a client toward an e-mail server,

What is a client sever?

A server for a client

How do see server doing by client?

A client cannot see what a server is doing; the only thing that can be monitored by the client is the data communication between the client and the server. If the client needs to see what is going on in the server then the client needs to connect to the server using remote desktop protocol, Terminal Services, telnet, or some other way to directly connect to the server.

What is a client server communication device?

It is a communication device that goes from client to server.

What is the difference between client server and mobile agent based approach?

noemally client server is used by client o server and mobile for calling

What is the protocol used by server and client?

There is no single protocol used between a server and a client; the protocol depends on what the server and client are doing and how they are currently communicating.