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There are possibly thousands of words. Fart.

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Q: What is a 4 letter word with 3 consonants one vowel?
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Is the word Pick a vowel or consonant?

Vowels and consonants are letters, not words. In the word "pick", the letter "i" is a vowel and the other three letters are consonants.

How many vowels in word den?

The word "den" has one vowel, which is the letter "e."

How many consonants in sew?

"There are 2 consonants in sew, as 's' and 'w' are consonants and 'e' is a vowel. 'A' 'E' 'I' 'O' and 'U' are vowels, and every other letter in the English language is a consonant." Actually, the word "sew" has only one consonant: s. When the letter "w" ends a word after following a vowel (or in other places where it forms a "diphthong"), the "w" is technically a vowel.

Why are there only 4 consonants in anonymous?

If we look at each letter individually and determine if they are a vowel or a consonant, the word anonymous is technically has 5 consonants, n, n, y, m, and s. However, sometimes the letter y is used as a vowel. The word anonymous is one of these cases.

What are the words that contains 6 consonants and 1 vowel?

One example of a word with 6 consonants and 1 vowel is "strength."

5-letter words with only one vowel?

Some five letter words with only one vowel are:berthbirchbirthblendblindblondblownbrownchampchickchirpchurnclampclerkclickclockclothclumpcrownditchdrilldrinkdrolldrownfifthflirtfrontgirthglassglintgrassgrindhatchhitchknackknockknownshirtshortslackslantslickslothslumpspellspillsportspurnstampstandstartstringthingthirsttrust

What is the word dish a consonant or vowel?

The word dish is a noun. We don't say a word is a consonant or a vowel because words are made up of consonants and vowels. Dish has 3 consonants -- d,s,h. Dish has one vowel -- i

Is word right a consonant or vowel?

The letters within a word are either a consonant or a vowel, not the word itself. The letters A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y are the only vowels.The letters RGHT are consonants and the only vowel is I.

Which rule is used to pronounce the you in luck?

A. The short-vowel rule: When a word or syllable has only one vowel and that vowel is followed by one or more consonants, the vowel is usually short.

How many more consonants than vowels are there in the word organizations?

The word contains six vowels and seven consonants. There is one more vowel than consonant.

Is the word wharf a consonant?

No, the word wharf has four consonants: w, h, r, f, and one vowel: a.

Does crash have a consonant?

"Crash" has four consonants and one vowel. The "A" is the vowel.