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Perhaps "awry"?

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Q: What is a 4-letter word for zigzagged?
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it mean love

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Some four letter words that can be made from the letters in Kingston are:ginsgistgowninksinnsintoionskingkinskitsknitknotknownitsnowtoinkownssignsingsinkskinskitsnitsnotsnowsongsownstowswigtinstogstongtonstowntowstwigtwinwigswingwinkwinowinswistwitswokswon't

Can you give me a 4 letter word list that has IDE ending in it 4letter word list that have the ending ise?

* hide * ride * side * tide * wide * rise * wise

Can you give a sentence with startled?

The startled deer zigzagged out of the underbrush and was gone in a flash.

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A 7 letter animalIf uou take first 3 letters it is used for cooking last 3 letter is a girlfirst 4letter is used be men?


Why are transform faults are harder to find than divergent and convergent boundaries?

Because they realy dont create any prominent geographical or geological feature/landform.

Why is the international date line is zigzagged?

In order to avoid cutting across cities, countries, and Pacific island groups. Can you imagine what life would be like if you tried to live, work, go to school, make appointments, and do business in a city that had two different calendar dates in it ? !

Why are planets sometimes called wanderers?

The term planet means 'wanderer'. (It is from the Greek planomi). Early skywatchers noticed that almost all the stars move in a steady rotation across the heavens. (Of course it is really the earth which rotates). But a handful of stars zigzagged irregularly back and forth. (The stars seem to move all together because they are so distant from us; we notice the movement of the planets because they are much closer). Mercury zigzagged back and forth the fastest. So Mercury became the messenger of the gods. Venus appears at her brightest just after dusk, and just before dawn; so she became the planet of Love. And so on ...

Why were trenches zigzagged?

They aren't straight because they didn't want it to be easy for the opposite people to kill the others faster. They were also made zig zag in order to prevent a German/Britain from shooting someone and it going in a straight line rather with a zig zag it wouldn't go like that, preventing the chances of them dying.

What part of speech is the word zigzag?

It's the past tense of the verb "to zigzag." It means a pattern that veers to the left, and then veers to the right, rather than going in a straight line: Trying to avoid being tackled, he zigzagged as he ran down the field. Depending on how it's used, the word "zigzag" can also be an adjective-- the mouse ran in a zigzag pattern because it was trying to get away from the cat. "Zigzag" came into the English language in the late 1700s, from French and German.