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Q: What is a 3 letter word that means a nocturnal animal that flies?
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Would a nocturnal animal be active during the day?

No. Nocturnal means night active.

What does extra ''rods'' in their eyes mean?

it means the animal is nocturnal and has an adaptation

Nocturnal pouched animal what is the element?

Answer:Nocturnal marsupial -- Opossum.

How do you use the word nocturnal?

the owl is a nocturnal animal, this means it sleeps during the day and is awake during the night

Is a Racoon a day animal or a night animal?

Raccoons are nocturnal which means they sleep during the day and are active at night. The answer is: night.

What is diurnal behavior?

Diurnal, in reference to animal behavior, means the animal is mainly active during the day. A nocturnal animal is active during the night.

What does noctumal mean?

nocturnal means, 'active at night'. bats are nocturnal, because they sleep during the day and hunt at night.

What is a nocturnal anamal?

Nocturnal animals include owls, domestic cats, bats, and rodents. Other species are fireflies, hermit crabs, and coyote.

What is a anamal?

A nocturnal animal means its an animal that sleeps through the day, and hunts during the night. That's the most simple way i can explain that.

How are nocturnal and diurnal similar?

The word "nocturnal" means that an animal is active (foraging, hunting) primarily at night. Examples are owls, bats, and some mammals that avoid daytime predators. The term "diurnal" means that an animal is active during the daytime, and normally sleeps at night. Many birds and mammals are diurnal. A third term is "crepuscular" which means active during the transition periods, around sunset and sunrise. Domestic cats are often crepuscular, as are many wild dogs.

What does nocturnal mean and what animals in the desert are nocturnal?

Nocturnal means that the animal is active primarily at night. In the desert, most snakes are nocturnal, especially during the hottest days of summer. Many rodents are active only at night as well as such animals as scorpions.

Does nocturnal also mean that you can see in the dark?

Nocturnal means when an animal is awake during the night while the Diurnal animals (awake during the day) are asleep. Yes, nocturnal animals do see in the dark because of their special pupils. Hope I helped! (: