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Q: What is a 13 letter word for elaborate coatings E c us a ons?
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What is a 3 letter word o-s meaning switch positions?


What is a three letter word for second letter add-ons?

A letter add-on would be PS, therefore a 2nd letter add-on is PPS. Will PS I hope this helps

What is the abbreviation for letter add-ons?


South African word for our home?

Ons huis

Where is one note on Microsoft Word 2007?

in add ons

What are the vowels in the word crayon?

"Crayon" has two vowels, A and O. The letter Y is a consonant in this word. The word "crayon" is syllabicated as cray • on. That means the "ay" would be considered a vowel team. With the "o" in the second syllable....crayon has three vowels.

How many gram can be the ons?

the the ons can be 28 gram, of the how many? can gram be the ons

What are some words which first letters start with ons?

3-letter wordsons5-letter wordsonset6-letter wordsonsets, onside7-letter wordsonshore, onstage9-letter wordsonslaught10-letter wordsonslaughts8 words found.

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Kleinfontein's motto is 'Ons God, Ons Volk, Ons Land'.

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Solve. Insolvement, in and ment are add ons, leaving only solve.

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It is correct as carry ons or carry-ons.

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Ons Heemecht was created in 1864.