What is Vegeta scared of?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well, he claims to be scared of nothing, but, to my delight we find he is terrified of worms... :D In episode 259, Vegito (the fusion of Goku and Vegeta) is eaten by Buu, then, after a series of unfortunate events (haha) Vegeta and Goku (Buu's stomach acids kills the magic fusing them together) find worms in Buu. :) They find a little one, and then his brother comes, the brother then calls for their father. At which point, Vegeta almost throws up... :) (btw, I think 259 is the most hilarious episode yet! :) but, that's just my opinion...) Anyway, I would usually go on and on and on about the episode and what happens after it, but, I feel like I do that to much, "It's quality, not quantity" ~ Vegito... :)

This happens in Episode 274 of the FUNimation Dub of Dragonball Z. What happens is small amino acids try to dissolve Goku inside of Super Buu, and they call a big worm. Goku powers up and blasts all the amino acids off of him and the worm. Then an identical worm comes along, and its at this point we realize not only can the worms talk, but they're brothers. The new arrival then calls for his Dad, wherein the scene with Vegeta begins, threatening to puke, hiding behind Goku, and other hilarious things for such a high-class saiyan

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Q: What is Vegeta scared of?
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