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Sonic has a twin Brother named Manic and a twin sister named Sonia.

They are triplets.

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Q: What is Sonic the Hedgehogs brother and sisters name?
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Does shadow have a sister or brother?

Well i don't know if shadow has a sister but I know that he has a brother and his name is Sonic.If Sonic has another brother or sister that its shadow's sister and brother. Note : That Shadow and Sonic are hedgehogs and sonic is faster

What is Sonic the Hedgehogs midle name?

doesn't have one

Who is Static the hedgehogs real name?

Static the Hedgehogs real name i Static he is a comic book character that was suppost to replace Sonic when Sonic the Hedgehog was losing popularity

How many sisters and brothers does Sonic the Hedgehog have?

Sonic has one sister named Amy and three brothers named Shaow and Silver. Report if one more edit. Sonic's sister and brother appear in Sonic Underground. His sister's name is Sonia and his brother's name is Manic.

Who is sonikku?

Sonniku is Sonic the Hedgehogs original,japanese name as he was originally created in Japan.Sonikku is Sonic in japanese.

What is Sonic the Hedgehogs IQ?

Here we go,I'm speed,or Sonic's the name speeds my game.

Who is the American creator of Sonic the Hedgehogs name?

The researchers of Sega invented him.

Does sonic the hegehog have a brother?

Only in the cartoon Sonic Underground,his name is Manic and he's Sonic's younger brother of the triplets.

Does Sonic the hedgehog have brothers and sisters?

No, at least not in the games. In the cartoon Sonic Underground (which is not canon), he had a brother, Manic the Hedgehog, and a sister, Sonia the Hedgehog.

Is silver sonic Amy and shadow all siblings?

NO! Here's why:Amy likes Sonic. I don't think Amy would like her brother.Sonic secretly likes Amy. Once again, I don't think Sonic would like his sister.Shadow HATES sonic.Sonic already has a brother and sister. His brother's name is Manic. And his sisters name is Sonia.Silver and Shadow and Sonic are friends.I know there ALL hedgehogs but they all have totally different birthdays.Sonic is now 23. Amy is almost 21. Shadow is 14. And Silver is 8.Sonic's birthday is June 23,1991. Amy's birthday is September 23,1993. Shadow's birthday is June 19,2001. Silver's birthday is November 19,2006.Okay, I'm done

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