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Dragon type. or ice types which is normally super effective

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Q: What is Pokemon type is most effective against dragon types?
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What is super effective against dragon Pokemon?

dragon and ice is most efective against dragon.

What is super effective against dragon type Pokemon?

Dragon types are gods, nothing is effective against dragon

What type of Pokemon is strong against water dragon Pokemon?

Ice types are supereffective and so are dragon types. Yes, dragon types ARE EFFECTIVE against dragon types. In some dual-type dragon pokemon, like Garchomp for example, Ice is 4x effective to it and Dragon types, 2x

What are dragon type Pokemon weak against?

Dragon type moves are not very effective against Steel types. Dragon and Ice type moves are super effective against Dragon types.

What super effective to dragon and darkpokemon on Pokemon white?

psychic and flying Pokemon are good against fighting type-pokemon

Whats super effective against dragon Pokemon?

Dragon type Pokemon are Super effective by Ice types and also Dragon type moves :D

What is the dragon type in Pokemon strong against?

Dragon types are super effective against it's own type :)

What Pokemon are weaker against dragon moves?

Dragon type moves are only super effective against Dragon type Pokemon.

What are dragon type Pokemon supereffective at?

dragon and ice types are super effective against dragon type.hope this help!

How do you beat Clair in silver?

You needed Pokemon that is Super Effective against Dragon types.

What is effective against water pokemon?

Dragon types(Garchomp, Haxorus etc) Ice types (Froslass, Weavile etc)

Are water Pokemon good against dragon type Pokemon?

Depends. Water is not very effective against Dragon types. However it is possible for most water Pokemon to learn ice type moves and these will be super effective. Good luck!