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Q: What is Pokemon 80 in the Sinnoh dex?
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Who is Pokemon 80 in Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon #080 (Sinnoh Dex) is Barboach.

What is pokedex number 80 in Pokemon platinum?

if its the sinnoh dex its barboach and if its the national dex its slowbro.

How many Pokemon are there in the sinnoh dex?

151 Pokemon are in the Sinnoh dex

I am missing Pokemon in Pokemon pearl with the numbers 46 and 80 were can you find them?

in the national dex 46 is paras and 80 is slowbro but in the sinnoh dex 46 is wormadam and 80 is barboach

What what Pokemon is after seaking in the pokedex on Pokemon Diamond?

#80, Sinnoh Dex: Barboach, found while fishing

What Pokemon is 120 in Platinum's Sinnoh Dex?

pelipper is the 120th Pokemon in the platinum sinnoh dex.

What is the last Pokemon in the Sinnoh dex?

The last Pokemon in the sinnoh dex is Giratina, and the last one in the national dex is Manaphy.

Pokemon platiun what is Pokemon 151?

In Pokemon Platinum Version, there are two Pokedex'es, the Sinnoh Dex, and the National Dex. In the Sinnoh Dex, the 151 Pokemon is Manaphy. In the National Dex, the 151 Pokemon is Mew.

What is the 46th Pokemon in the Sinnoh dex?

Diamond and Pearl Sinnoh Dex: 46# Wormadam Platinum Sinnoh Dex: 46# Wormadam

How many Pokemon are in the sinnoh pokedex?

there are 210 Pokemon in the sinnoh dex

How do you get national dex in Pokemon Diamond?

you compete the sinnoh dex.

How many Pokemon are in the Sinnoh dex in pearl?

hi,There are 150 Pokemon in the Sinnoh dex.Shadowfritsch