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sinnoh pokedex: manaphy, rotom

national pokedex: don't have it yet

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Q: What is Pokemon 151 and 152 in platinum?
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Who are the Pokemon 151 and 152 in Pokemon Platinum?

151 manapy 152 rotom

What are the Pokemon platinum pokedex numbers 151 and 152?

151 is Manphy 152 is rotom (catch it in the old house in the forest. at night talk to the TV)

What is the Pokemon 151 and 152?

Pokemon #151 Mew. Pokemon #152 Chikorita.

In platinum where is Pokemon 151 152?

#151 in the sinnoh pokedex is rotom. you can find him at the old chateau at night in a TV. #152 in the sinnoh pokedex is manaphy. manaphy cannot be obtained directly in platinum, if I'm not mistaken. you'll need to play Pokemon ranger. #151 and 152 in the NATIONAL pokedex however, is mew and chikorita...

Who are Pokemon numbers 151 and 152 in platinum?

That would Manaphy (which you need to get from Pokemon ranger) and Rotom ( which you get from the mansion in the eterna forest...

What are numbers 152 and 151 in platinum?

151 is manaphy witch can be traded from a Pokemon ranger game to see it look at a book in the mansion 152 is rotom witch can be caught by looking at a tv in the old chateau at night

Who is the 151 Pokemon in platinum?

Manaphy is 151

Pokemon number 152 in platinum?

= 152

What is Pokemon number 151 in Pokemon Platinum?

Pokemon number 151 is Manaphy

What is 152 in Platinum?

In the Sinnoh Pokedex, 152 is Rotom, between Manaphy(151) and Gligar(153).

In Pokemon platinum in the Sinnoh pokedex what are Pokemon 151 and 152 and where do you see them?

Number 151 is Manaphy which you can see by looking at the book at the back of Mr.Backlots room in the Pokemon mansion south of Hearthome city. Number 152 is Rotom, which you can see by looking at the T.V in the Old Chateau between 8pm and 3:59am.

What Pokemon is 151 in Pokemon Platinum?