What is Pokemon 115 in pearl?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is Pokemon 115 in pearl?
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What Pokemon is number 115 on Pokemon pearl?


What is Pokemon numbers 114 and 115 on the pokedex in Pokemon pearl?

114 = tangela 115 =kangaskhan i have my Pokemon POKEDEX book

Where can you find number 115 in Pokemon pearl?

Riolu, number 115 on the Sinnoh Pokedex, can be obtained as an Egg from Riley in Iron Island after helping him get through the cave.

Where do you find Pokemon 114 and 115 on pearl?

114-Unknown, found in solecon ruins.115-Riolu, hatch from egg, obtained from riley in iron island.(@_@) NP

What Pokemon is number 115 in pearl?

The 115 Sinnoh Dex Pokemon is Riolu, the pre-evolution of Lucario. You can get a Riolu by going to Canalave city, saling to iron island, and finding a guy who you have to go with through Iron Island. He will also heal all your Pokemon after every battle with a trainer or Pokemon. He will give you a Riolu egg at the end.

What Pokemon is number 115 pearl?

i had this problem a couple of dayts ago i think its unknown, the Pokemon is called that and it lives in the caves right to the town with the day care

What is Pokemon number 115 on Pokemon Diamond?

hi Pokemon no.115 is riolu

How can you get a diamend in Pokemon pearl?

you cant get a diamond on Pokemon pearl but you can get a pearl on diammond ...and pearl.

What is Pokemon 147 in pearl?

Pokemon no.147 in the Pokemon Pearl National Pokedex is Dratini.

Where can you get Exp All in Pokemon Pearl?

how to get shining Pokemon on pearl vershow can you get shining Pokemon in pearl version

Where is bulbasaurin Pokemon Pearl?

You can not get Balbasaur in Pokemon pearl

Barboach on Pokemon Pearl?

Yes, you can get it on Pokemon Pearl.