What is Nancy Drew's address?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Nancy Drew is a fictional character. She lives in a fictional town. She has no address.

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Q: What is Nancy Drew's address?
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The name of Nancy drews housekeeper?

Hannah Gruen has worked for the Drews since Mrs. Drew's death when Nancy was two. Hannah is almost like a mom to Nancy and is a live-in housekeeper.

What is the name of Nancy's boyfriend in Nancy drew series by carolyn keene?

Ned NickersonNed Nickerson♥Ned♥the name of Nancy Drews boyfriend is Ned Nickerson

What are Nancy drews phsical traits?

Red hair and tall

Who kidnaps Leslie in Nancy Drews mystery False Notes?


How did Nancy drews mom die?

It's never said how, only that Nancy was 3 when she died (although it seems that in earlier versions Nancy was 10).

Where can you get Nancy Drews sleuth bag?

if you want a Nancy drew bag (or one that's similar) look into the Buxton organizer bags.

Who is Nancy drews mom and dad?

Nancy Drew father is a lawyer whose name is Carson Drew and Nancy Drew mothers name is not mentioned in any of the book.

You like stephinie Myers books What else should you read?

Nancy Drews and the Divinci Code

Are any Nancy drews violant?

yes very gory,bloody,some are horror themed

What are the names of Nancy Drews friends?

Nancy Drew's friends are Bess Marvin, George Fayne, and Ned Nickerson.

What are the names of Nancy drews children?

Natalie Nicole Natasha Nathan Nookie Nundra Nameless and Norman

What is Nancy drews catchphrase?

Nancy Drew is a teen detective who solves mysteries. You can read about her, or you can play the games for the PC, Wii, and iPad. My favorites are for the PC, but that's just me. Nancy Drew is a lot of fun.