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Candy Cane Caves is a place you can go to on the Moshi Monsters map. You will find the Cupcake Cavern in the Candy Cane Caves. Click on the Cupcake Cavern to go to the Moshi Cupcakes game.

There is no code for the Candy Cane Caves and it is available to free Basic Members and paid Moshi Members.

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Q: What is Candy Cane Cave on Moshi Monsters and is it a code?
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What is the candy cane for in the Moshi Monsters mission?

is in the cave

What is Candy Cane Cave on Moshi Monsters?

It is where the Moshi Cupcakes game is located.

How do you get a moshling in the Candy Cane Cave on Moshi Monsters?

you have to go on map and then go to the bottom and click on the hut with the cane!

Where is glump goo in Moshi Monsters?

Its on the ground near the Candy Cane Cave.

How do you get into the candy cave Moshi Monsters?

All you have to do is go on the moshi monsters map and you will see a cave called Candy Cave, it has candy canes on it. You just click the cave and your there!

How do you get in to candy cane cave?

You go to the map and by the fiery castle theres a cave called the candy cane caves. You know its the candy cane caves because there are candy sticks pocking out of it. The place is quite small though! Hope this helped, Im lolage0123456789 (on moshi monsters)!

How do you get glump goo on mission 4 on moshi monsters?

on the path to the candy cane cave. its a splat of blue green color. you can pick it up .

How do you get to the Moshi Cupcake game on Moshi Monsters?

Click on map then go to the Candy Cane Cave. Once there, walk around to find the Cupcake Cavern. Move your cursor over the Cupcake Cavern and a game console should appear. Click on the game console to start the game.

What is Ecto's CAve on Moshi Monsters?

ectos cave is a game

How do you get threw the door at ecose cave on moshi monsters?

you have to become a moshi member

How do you enter ectos cave on moshi monsters?

From the underground disco, you will find Ecto's Cave to the left.

Where does the door next to ecto's cave on moshi monsters go?

The door next to Ecto's cave leads to a volcano.