What if you deleted rock smash?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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HM's cannot be deleted from a Pokemon's moveset unless forcibly removed from a Move Deleter, at Lilycove City (RSE) or Canalave City (DPP). It is recommended a HM Slave, with the purpose of only knowing HM's so the battling Pokemon are not hindered by weaker movesets, are used.

Bibarel and Linoone make good HM Slaves.

In Pokemon B/W and B/W2,Rock Smash is TM94. Deleting it just means the Pokemon now has a free move slot

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Q: What if you deleted rock smash?
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How can you bring rock smash back if you have deleted it in Pokemon ruby?

Rock smash is a HM move..and therefore wont get deleted unless u got it deleted by the move deleter(lilycove city)....and even if u got it deleted ..u can get it teach it again it doesn't go away from your bag...

I are stuck because you deleted the move rock smash andi need it?

Rock smash is a hm move, so just teach it to a Pokemon again

How do you destroy deleted files?

Smash the thing the files are on e.g computer , smash it

When does Geodude learn Rock smash?

Geodude learns rock smash by teaching it the HM move rock smash.

When do you get rock smash in FireRed?

HM06 Rock Smash is given to you on 1 Island.

Mauville gym leader gives rock smash but not there in bag?

First of all, the Mauville gym leader does NOT give you rock smash, he gives you the ability to USE rock smash. The person that gives you rock smash is the Rock Smash Dude( or guy I can't remember) in the house east of the Pokemart in Mauville.

In Pokemon how do you smash a rock?

You have to have a Pokemon that knows the move Rock Smash, which is obtain from a man in a cave near Oreburgh City, the City with the first gym. But before you cam use Rock Smash, you have to beat the Oreburgh City Gym Leader, Roark. Once you have beaten him, you can use Rock Smash not only in battle, but out on the feild.

Where is the HM rock smash in pokemon black?

Rock Smash isn't an HM in this game.

Can whismer learn rock smash in Pokemon ruby?

No, it cannot learn Rock Smash.

Can Pokemon Oddish use rock smash?

No Oddish cannot learn Rock Smash.

How do you get to mauville city in Pokemon Emerald?

to get to mauville you have to have rock smash to get rock smash you have to get to mauville

Will you use rock smash in Pokemon black?

In this game, rock smash is not an HM, it is a TM.