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go to the floroma meadow battle the grunts the baldy will give you the key in

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Q: What if there is no grunt in front of the warehouse in Pokemon diamond?
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Where is the warehouse key in diamond?

you have to beat the snowpoint city gymleader go to the lake by it then go to the front of the galatic velstone bilding talk to the grunt in front of it and he will drop it

How do you get the Pearson in Pokemon Diamond go in front of the antena of the team galatic bulding?

You have to get 7 badges in order for the galactic grunt to be in front of the galactic antennas

How do you get into the warehouse in Veilston City on Pokemon diamond?

You have to beet Maylene in Vielstone gym. Dawn/Lucas will ask for your help. Then you beat 2 grunts and you can get in the warehouse. Later, after you beat Jupiter at Lake Valor, Mars at Lake Verity, and Saturn at Lake Acuity, you can beat a Galactic Grunt in front of Galactic Vielstone HQ. After you beat him, he drops the Warehouse Key. Then you can go deeper into the warehouse.

How do you get past galactic grunt with no Pokemon diamond?

You are going the wrong way!

Is there something you have to do before you see the grunt that drops the key in front of the Galactic Warehouse on Pokemon Pearl?

yes you have to beat the gym leader at snowpoint city and go to lake veity

The fifth badge for Pokemon diamond?

go pastoria city go to the great marsh talk to the galactic grunt right in front of it keep following him

What if you already have seven gym badges can you still give the lonely grunt a Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?


Where is the key in Pokemon pearl team galactic warehouse?

The Galactic Grunt in Pastoria City has it. You need to bet the Gym to get it.

How do you get into the team galastic warehouse in Pokemon platinum?

after you deafeat Candice go to lake acuity. then go to the big galactic buliding. ( located in the northeast of vielstone city.) then talk to the galactic grunt in front of the building. pick up the storage key that he drops. then go into the warehouse

How do you get into galatica HQ in Pokemon diamond?

It depends if you have the galactic key from a grunt in front of the G building. To get it you need the seventh gym badge and you need to go in the lake next to snow point.

Why isn't the team galactic grunt there with the storage key when I have done all the missions I have to in Pokemon Diamond?

To get into the Team Galactic HQ in Pokemon Diamond you will need the storage key the Galactic Grunt leaves behind, and the Dusk Stone. If you can't get the key, it may mean you have not completed a mission.

Where is the galatic warehouse key on Pokemon platinum?

The Storage Key opens the Galactic Warehouse in Veilstone City. It is dropped by a Galactic Grunt in Veilstone City after you beat Jupiter at lake Acuity.