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dark type

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Q: What hurts psychic Pokemon the most?
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What hurts poison types pokemon?

Ground and Psychic type attacks.

What hurts fighting type Pokemon?

Psychic moves and Flying moves hurt fighting types greatly.

How do you get a psychic move on Pokemon sapphire?

If your talking about psychic pokemon, most get confusion and psychic (best in game) by leveling up to like second evolution. Psychic tms are pretty rare, but I always find a psychic somewhere during the game. Most psychic moves are best if your pokemon is good for them, in which you'll get them by training. Hope this helped!

How do you evolve psychic Pokemon?

same way you evove most pokemon.

What type of Pokemon is Gothita?

Gothita is a Psychic type pokemon.

What Psychic Pokemon's weakness?

Dark Pokemon are Psychic Pokemon's weakness.

Which Pokemon can learn hydro pump?

Most Water Based Pokemon and some Psychic Pokemon

In pokemon What is the most powerful psychic type move?


What are psychic type pokemon weak against?

psychic type pokemon are weak against psychic steel and dark

What type of Pokemon is Abra?

psychic psychic

How do you defeat Sabrina in saffron gym?

Sabrina is a psychic so just just use dark Pokemon or a Pokemon that has a dark move and just keep using that move. You could also use a ghost Pokemon because psychic moves aren't effective against dark Pokemon and ghost Pokemon. Its really easy to beat her because most psychic Pokemon only know psychic moves

What type is the Pokemon Cosmoem?

Cosmog is a Psychic type, and it was introduced in the Generation 7 games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.