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first of all why cant you find out? second on minecraft 1.3.2 (not beta 1.3.2) on the PC it spawns you in a planes biome next to some extreme hills and a desert.

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Q: What happens when you tipe the seed code 1557872835?
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Can you get Gracie's car in Animal Crossing?

yes as a code if you go to utube and tipe seed code

Do you have to be a moshi member to get the Roxy code?

no but you tipe a code into the little secret code bar , You tipe in HOBBIDIDANCE then go to your moshling garden and open the sack of seeds ,Then by any tipe OS seed and the plant the two randome seeds and the sedd called the raident Roxy rose ...... later you have Roxy I hope i helped you add me I'm chump8910

How do you enter battle striker web code?

go to google then tipe CodeWeb then tipe 45199 or 37899

What code that works gives you dosh?

go to the mystery code macie and tipe the code

What is the code for 2000 rox?

tipe in MOSHIDOSH392 then tipe DEAL5LISBON then that will get you to1300 then tipe in these 3 codes BCDA-GET300QUICKLY-SECRETROX 24 Hours Membership FREE!TICKET

How do you get 8000 dsi points for free?

tipe a code

Were do you tipe the panfu gold package code?

in the log in area

How do you get radiant Roxy flower?

tipe in the code thingy hobbydidance

Do you need to tipe the whole code to get arcues on Pokemon diamond?


Where do you tipe the codes in moshi monsters?

you type the code in when you sign in on the bottom line

What rare moshilings are available for nonmembers on moshi monsters?

you can get roxy without being a member all you have to do is tipe in the code HOBBIDIDANCE and then go to your moshling garden and go into your seed bag and there will be a roxy seed and you just plant it with 2 other seeds and wait for six hours then go back to your moshling garden and in your garden there will be roxy.

Where and how do you type in your own codes for action replay for Pokemon pearl?

at the top of the code list there is a add code option hit the a buton when your curser is over it. first tipe in what the code does(with your stolist) then hit the next buton at the botom of the screen then tipe in the code. (note you cant just type in what ever you want for the code or it wont work it hast to be a valed code)