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Q: What happens when you own all the properties of one color in monopoly?
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How many properties do you need to have to purchase a house in monopoly?

All of the properties in a set (ie., all properties of the same color)

How do you buy houses in monopoly?

To buy houses in the game Monopoly, you first have to have all properties of one color. Then, you can buy the house and place it on any property of the color group to increase the rent of the place. If you have four houses, you can then get a hotel.

Can you sell properties in monopoly?

Yes you can trade properties in a game of Monopoly.

What are all the names of properties on a Monopoly board?

It depends on the version you have.

How many color codes does the game of monopoly have?

color code is owning all properties of the same color, but if someone already bought a property in any of those you can't buy the rest. and there are 8 color codes, 4 sides 2 colors on each side.

In the game monopoly for the community chest street repairs do you pay for all properties or just your properties?

Answer You only pay for your own properties - all. The price escalates when you have houses/ hotels for repairs

What is 200 monopoly props?

In the game of monopoly you can buy all four railroad properties. Each railroad property is now worth $200.00 if your opponent should land on any of the four.

Why are patents sometimes referred to as monopolies?

A monopoly is when one person or company has total control over the market for a certain product or service. Like in the Hasbro game of Monopoly: when you own all the properties of the same color, you have a monopoly. If you patent a product, it means that your product is documented so no one can take your ideas and/or designs and claim them as their own. So you are the only one that can claim that product and you have complete control over that product's market. Therefore, you have a monopoly on your product.

How do you collect money from properties on monopoly?

after you buy the property it's yours, when someone lands on it they must pay you the rent amount on the card.. if you own all 2/3 properties of the same color you then can start adding houses so that your rent amount goes up. The cards are pretty much explanatory.

What is game monopoly about?

the monopoly board game is based on the reality of real estate.

Is monopoly made for boys and girls?

Monopoly is a board game that can be played by people of all genders. It is not specifically made for boys or girls, but for anyone who enjoys strategizing and competing in a game of buying and trading properties to ultimately become the wealthiest player.

How do you get a monopoly in the game?

buy all of the properties that are of the same colour. in this case, the rent is automatically doubled, until houses or hotels are built upon it.