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You get a lvl 5 mew and mewtwo

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Q: What happens when you join team rocket?
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Can you join team rocket on Pokemon Diamond?

You can't join team rocket in Pokemon diamond. Actually team rocket is not on the game

How do you get to join team rocket on LeafGreen?


Can you join team rocket in pokemon firered?


Can you join team rocket on blue version on Game Boy Color if you can what is the cheat code?

y yes u can join team rocket on red i did

What is a rocketchu?

A rocketchu is a Pikachu like myself who has either Joined team rocket forced to join is apart of team rocket or was a former team rocket member

How can you join team rocket in Pokemon diamond?

You can't.

How can you join team rocket in FireRed?

What is 0.94635 litre.

How do you join team rocket in poemon firered?

you cant

Can you join team rocket in pokemon heartgold?

you can appear as if you have joined them at a point in the game going to the radio station in golden rod city, but you can not join them, (also the man find out you are not team rocket and battles you). so no you cannot become a member of team rocket.

How do you join Team Rocket in FireRed?

you can't and also why would you?

What version can you join team rocket?

none of them i tried its a bummer innit

How do you get team rocket clothes in Pokemon soulsilver?

you have to go to goldenrod city and go underground. there will be a man from team rocket. walk past him and listen to what he says. then, he will think that you want to join team rocket so he will give you the outfit