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you unlock super hard

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Q: What happens when you get all A-rank on sonic heroes?
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How do you unlock marble hill zone foe sonic heroes 1?

Its not in Sonic Heroes, Plain and simple. You're wasting your time if you think this stage is in Sonic Heroes. When You collect all the emblems, all it earns you is Super Hard Mode.

Cheats for how to unlock the last story of sonic heroes?

To unlock the Last story on Sonic Heroes, you have to play all other stories:team sonic, dark, rose and chaotix all the way through (100%)

How do you get team Metal Sonic in Sonic Heroes?

you can't only super hard mode which you get with all A's

How many emblems do you have to get to play as Super Sonic in sonic heroes?

You have to get all the chaos emralds in the bonus stages

How can you use super sonic in story mode in sonic heroes?

you have to beat all the story modesexample:team sonic, team amy,etc

Can you be metal on sonic heroes?

no because if i remember. he isn't in the game at all

Will metal sonic be a playable character in sonic heroes 2?

you can play as it and the first beat all the teams and you'll get team metal sonic

Is there a Sonic game that you can play on the computer?

Yes, Sonic CD, Sonic Mega Collection Plus, Sonic Gems, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Riders are all playable on PC.

How do you beat Metal Overlord in Sonic Heroes?

you dodge all the attacks and hit and what not :)

What is the cheat code for getting all the chaos emeralds in sonic heroes?

There is none.

Is there a glitch to be hyper sonic in sonic heroes in the GameCube?

No, Sorry. Try hacking the game to create your own "glitch" and then play as Hyper Sonic all you want.

What are all the levels in sonic heroes?

on team sonic there's mystic mansionegg fleetrail canyonhaunted mansion i thinkbingo highwaycasino parkSORRY THATS ALL I CAN REMEMBER