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It can make the Pokemon that you breaded with In to the fist en vol.

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Q: What happens when you breed other Pokemon with Ditto?
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Can Snorlax breed with Ditto?

any Pokemon can breed with ditto except legendary Pokemon and ditto. in other words, you can't breed a ditto with a ditto

Can Pokemon breed to make Ditto?

No, but Ditto can breed with almost every other Pokemon to make the other parent's species Pokemon.

Can you breed Pokemon with diddo?

Yes, you can breed Pokemon with ditto. Leave ditto with the other Pokemon in the daycare and eventually you will have an egg of the other ditto. If you wanted an egg of ditto though, I don't know but, I think you can leave two dittos in the daycare. You can not breed legendary Pokemon with ditto.

How do you breed Ditto with other Pokemon?

You don't

Does Ditto breed with anyone on Pokemon platinum?

Ditto will breed with anyone other than legandaries (rotom and manaphy can breed)

Which Pokemon can you breed with Ditto?

You can breed any Pokemon capable of breeding with a Ditto. You cannot breed them with members of the no eggs group, legendary Pokemon or other Dittos. Actually You Can Breed Manaphy And Rotom (There Legendarys)

Does your Eevee have to be a boy to breed with Ditto?

no. ditto has no gender. when you leave a Pokemon alone with a ditto it transforms into the opposite gender as the other Pokemon

What if Ditto doesn't like manaphy?

you can only breed manaphy with ditto it wont breed with any other Pokemon

Can two Ditto have a baby Ditto?

no because ditto are genderless but they can breed with any other Pokemon with a gender

Is it possible for Ditto to breed with a lengendary Pokemon?

The only Legendaries Ditto can breed with are Manaphy and Phione, which its egg will hatch a Phione. All other Legendary Pokemon cannot breed.

Can you breed Ditto with a female Pokemon?

The female Pokemon can lay an egg, which will be another of the mothering Pokemon, but there's no way to get a Ditto egg.

What is best Pokemon to breed with Pikachu?

Ditto and any other Pokemon with a gender. (male OR female. ditto isn't a boy or girl.) this works well because u can get like, any Pokemon egg. if u want a certain Pokemon to breed u should use Wi-fi.