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Your TV breaks, and probably the remote to you idiot, and it's through, not 'thu'. You sir insult Grammar users eveywhere.

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Q: What happens if you throw your wii remote through your TV?
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How do you get to where you can throw a 101 fastball of the wii sports?

Simply flick the wii remote super fast.

How do you throw a 95 ball in wii baseball if your pro?

Simple flick the wii remote as fast as you can.

How do you throw a smoke grenade on CoD 5 Wii?

you twist the wii remote to the left then press plus

What happens when your Wii remote is lost?

The remote should break and you should hit them back.

How do you turn on a wii remote on the home menu?

If your Wii remote is synced with your Wii, all you have to do is press any button on it.If your Wii remote is not synced with your Wii, select Wii Remote Settings > Reconnect and then press the 1 and 2 buttons to connect your Wii remote.

How does a Wii Nunchuk controller connect to the Wii?

To connect the Wii Nunchuk controller to the Wii, first put the cord through the connector hook on the Wii Remote wrist strap and then the locate external extension connector on the base of the Wii Remote to insert the Nunchuk plug.

What is the difference between Wii Remote and Wii Remote plus?

Wii remote plus is black and wii remote is white and less advanced but also less expensive

Can a Wii remote work with Wii Fit?

Yes a Wii remote can work with Wii Fit.

Does a Wii remote work on the Wii U?

Wii Remotes do work with the Wii U, as long as it is a Wii Remote with a WiiMotion Plus attachment or a Wii Remote Plus, and as long as the game supports it.

How do you throw a grenade on call of duty 3 for the wii?

On the WII remote, it has the four buttons shaped like a cross. To throw a grenade, you push down the left button and aim. to throw it, you just let go. You have to throw before the red circle on your screen runs out. To throw a smoke grenade, push the right button and throw.

Can I have two Wii remotes connected to a single Wii without having to go home-Wii remote setting-reconnect?

If one wii remote is connected through the wii already and you want to connect another without going through all the trouble of reconnecting, you can't without reconnecting. The other wii remote already belongs to another wii or doesn't have one to go to in the first place.Yes :)on the bottom of the wii remote you got a battery case, and open the sd slot on the wii. on the wii operations manual system setup turn to page 22-23

How much money is a Wii remote?

a genuine wii remote plus is about $45. a genuine wii remote is about $30.