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You need to stomp on them. Once you have stomped all of them your character will do a short dance and you won't see anymore for at least a few in-game days.

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Q: What happens if you get cockroaches in your house on animal crossing wild world?
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Where is pellys house on animal crossing?

Her house does not exist at this time in any Animal Crossing game .

What happens when you get hurt by a scorpion on Animal Crossing City Folk?

you faint and end up at your house

How do you get rid of the bugs on animal crossing wild world?

Cockroaches will appear in your house if you don't play for several days. There may not be a specific reason WHY they appear in your house.

What happens if you say never mind about your house upgrade on Animal Crossing City Folk?

Nothing. You will get the option later on.

What happens if you save the game with someone at your house on animal crossing?

Nothing happens, really. U just save there and it automatically changes and sends you back to your house. And so when you log on again, you will be in your house, safe and sound.

How do you catch a cockroach in animal crossing let's go to the city?

When you do not play Animal Crossing: City Folk for some while cockroaches appear. LIke if you left your house unattended for some months, I am sure little bugs and stuff would have appeared.

How do you go to resettis house in Animal Crossing wild world?

You can't. Resetti's house is only in Animal Crossing City Folk.

Is there a chaeat to upgradeing your house faster on Animal Crossing?

No, but Animal Crossing: Wild World you can get a AR DSi and get infinte bells.

How do you catch a cocrouch in animal crossing on wii?

Cockroaches are more common if your town has more weeds or rubbish laying around. If you have a tidy town, they're less common to come by. Either way, they have a chance of spawning throughout the year. You cannot catch cockroaches that appear in your house after so many weeks of inactivity.

What happens when you pay all your mortgage on animal crossing?

You get the option to continue upgrading your house When you finish upgrading your house, nothing much happens, like nothing in the game that really important. Your character does get excited, but that is it. Hope this helps:)

On Animal Crossing Wild World can you get into Ressetti's house?


How do you move your things around in your room on animal crossing?

You will only need to clean your room if you have cockroaches. You will get cockroaches if you have not been on for a long time. When you walk in your house you will see cockroaches. Walk up to them and step on them until you get rid of all of them. But, there are different methods for Wii and DS. For DS- If you have it on the DS then yes you have to step on them. But, then you have to move one of your furnitures down and then up because there will be more cockroaches. Keep doing that till there are no more. For Wii- Walk and Step on them. Hope this helps.