What halo games have flood?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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THE halo games that have the flood are halo combat evolved,halo 2,Halo 3 and halo wars

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Q: What halo games have flood?
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Is it true you can be the flood in halo?

you cannot be the flood in halo

Is there a flood in halo reach?

no the were only on halo rings

What halo game has the flood?

halo 1,2,and 3

How do you play as a flood in halo?

You can't. In all the Halo games you can only play as Master Chief, The Arbiter, And the ODST's .(Dare, Buck, Mickey, Dutch, Romeo)

Does Halo Reach Have The Flood?


Is their flood in halo reach?

No, there is no flood in Reach. With the expception of halo wars the flood was not released until halo combat evolved where the humans stumbled across their existence in search of a lost platoons distress beacon.

Can you be the flood on Halo Combat Evolved?

No. You can never play as the flood.

What is the flood on halo?

the flood is a virus which takes over dead bodies

Is the flood going to be in halo reach?


How do you play has the flood in halo?

a mod

Does halo wars have the flood?


How do you be a flood in Halo 3?

you can't