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I think u should probably get mp5 or save up for sop 10mm

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Q: What gun should you get on lvl 6 tdp4 team battle?
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What does defence do in TDP4 Team Battle?

it lowers the damage on the enimies gun

What gun should you have by lvl 8 in tdp4 team battle?

Probably Mp5. AUG by level 12 LGM by level 20 Barret by level 35

What gun should you get at lvl 4 in tdp4?


How do you earn dollars in tdp4?

There are ways to get free dollars (cash) on TDP4. One way is to get 250 kills in one room earning you 1 cash. Achievements also give 1-5 free cash depending if you earned a bronze, silver, or gold achievement. Selling a gun that you bought using coins and cash can get you half of the cash you paid. Hope this helps! :)

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from gun

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the banana gun

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