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Q: What games did the chumash Indians play?
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Did the Chumash Indians play games?

Yes they played tag

Do chumash Indians eat acorn?

Yes, Chumash Indians eat acorns. They are important food to them.

What indians lived in California?

the chumash indians

What games did Chumash children play?

The Chumash children had to invent their own fun. They often played hunting games or other games that simulated what the adults did. Guessing games were also a popular pastime.

How did the Chumash Indians get materials to make their clothing?

how did chumash make their clothing

What tools the chumash Indians used?

The Chumash Indians used fishing rods , spears , bows , arrows , and abalone shells

What Indians worked on mission Santa Barbara?

The chumash Indians

What were the chumash Indians jobs?


What jobs did the Chumash Indians have?

no i can't

What native American tribe lived at the santa Barbara mission?

i believe the chumash were the Indians in the area. i believe the chumash were the Indians in the area.

What is a tree ceremony that the chumash Indians celebrated?

the tree ceremony is where the Chumash Indians dance around in a circle celebrating the death of a tree.

What kind of Indians were in Santa Ines?

the Santa Ines Indians were the CHUMASH INDIANS..................