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you start with total on crystl. it's the old gameboy game so you can't play it on your DS.

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Q: What game starts with the Pokemon totadile?
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How do you find totadile in Pokemon soul silver?

You have to get it from Professor Elm in the beginning of the game

Where do you find totadile on Pokemon Emarald?

After you complete the game, go back to the Prof. and he will have 3 pokeballs. Chickarita, Totadile and Cydaquil. (you can only choose one)

How do you catch a totadile in Pokemon FireRed?

You must get the purified croconaw from Pokemon colosseum or a totadile from Pokemon emerald or one from Pokemon xd gale of darkness then trade it to firered if you have the croconaw you just need to breed it to get totadile.

How do you see totadile in Pokemon platinum?

you have to migrate

How do you spell tododile from Pokemon?

This is how you spell it: Totadile

How do you beat The Luxio tribe in Pokemon Mystery DungionWith A Cindaquil and Totadile?

level up, it hard with a totadile isn't it?

What is the starting Pokemon in HeartGold and silver?


What Pokemon should you choose in Pokemon heart gold tododile cheekorita or cyndacyil?


How do you get totadile in Pokemon Emerald?

complete the pokedex then talk to profesor elm.

What are the 3 starter Pokemon in the Kanto region?

Cyndiqule,Totadile,and Chickorita.

Which is a better Pokemon starting team Mareep Totadile machop growlith or cyndiquil phanphy poliwag and machop?

I'd say Mareep, Totadile, Machop, and Growlith.

How do you get cyndaquil in your pokedex if you started with totadile in Pokemon gold?

you need to battle somone what have it!