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mad gab u fudge pack mother flower

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Q: What game is the commercial you mull la ma sheen im a love machine?
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What is the mad gab answer for a mull amush sheen?

I'm a love machine.

What was the song in the newest water for elephants commercial?

Cosmic Love by: Florence and The Machine

What is the song to the McDonald's commercial that sings what is love such a silly game we play?

"Love" by Matt White

What is song on dollhouse commercial on fox series middle east?

The song is by: Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love

What song plays on the eat pray love commercial?

Artist : Florence and the machine Song : Dog days are over

What is the song on the vampire diaries commercial where they are all lying on a bed?

Cosmic Love by Florence and The Machine. It's a beautiful song.

What is dell commercial song with lyrics love is a game?

multiplayer- the voluntary butler scheme

What is that song the keep playing for Water for Elephants commercial?

Florence and the machine :) the entire album is amazing, the song is #9 cosmic love

Who sings the kay jewelers 2011 mothers' day commercial song?

Florence & the Machine. The song is called You've Got The Love.

What is the McDonalds commercial song that goes-and love such a foolish game to play-for the mcrib sandwich?

this song is called "love" by Matt white

What is the Mcdonalds commercial song that goes love is a silly game you play what is love?

Micheal larue is soooooooooooooo sexy!!!!!!!!!!!WRONG!!!! I believe it is Matt White

What is the song on travelers insurance commercial with the dollhouse?

The song is from: Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love