What game is Minecraft based on?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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minecraft is kind of just based on building stuff,surviving monsters,such as skeletons (shoot arrows at you),Spiders (attack and also can climb walls),creepers (sneak up on you and blow up),endermen(if you look them in the eyes they will open their mouths and attack you,also teleport if get hurt),spider jokeys (skeleton riding a spider) and Zombies (basically wanna eat ur brains,attack you). Also just explore the world of minecraft and begin adventures and stuff. You can basically do what you want! There are also really cool mods and texture packs (change the blocks and items) you can download to add to the game that will allow you to do/have much more things than you could,like mo' creatures (adds more animals) and stuff.

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Q: What game is Minecraft based on?
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Do you have to have java to get Minecraft?

Yes, Minecraft is a java-based game.

Where can you play a similar game to Minecraft for free?

Ace of Spades is a combat focused game based on the Minecraft blocky world. Dig-N-Rig features the mining and building aspects of Minecraft. Minecraft is partly based on Infiniminer, a block-world mining game.

Did Notch the creator of Minecraft get the idea of Minecraft from infiniminer?

That's largely what the game was based off of!

Is Minecraft a geometry game?

Yes, but not like a Geometry Dash game. Cubes are geometrical shapes.

Why is minecraft cubical?

Notch liked the style, making it look like an old game. The game that Minecraft was based off of, Infiniminer, was also made of cubes.

What is Minecraft with guns called?

Ace of Spades is a first person shooter, combat game based on the blocky terrain and building sides of Minecraft.

What is a good website similar to Minecraft?

If you mean similar to the game Minecraft then try Ace of Spades. It's a free game that's still in development and based on Minecraft In it everything's made of blocks, but it's a warfare type game with guns and grenades. Also, you can only play online.

Where can you get the Minecraft Wii game?

There is no Minecraft game for Wii.

Do you need to pay to play Minecraft?

In order to play the full version of Minecraft a license must be purchased at the Minecraft homepage. A free, browser-based version of Minecraft called Minecraft Classic is also available on their website but it lacks the majority of features in the full game.

How do you download Minecraft for free without downloading Java?

You don't: Minecraft is a game based in Java and will not run without Java. Not to mention that Minecraft isn't free either. Sure, there are other ways of getting Minecraft for free, but I'm not telling you to do that.

Is Minecraft cancelled?

minecraft is a game

Is Minecraft a DS game or a DSI game?

Minecraft WAS going to be on the 3DS but they didn't but they made an app called Minecraft Pocket Edition for phones.